Our Experience
We are proud of the relationships we have with our clients. Many of our clients have been with us for years, and almost all have given us repeat business. Some of our recent projects include:

-- A vibration-recording application. The application controls an accelerometer through USB, and collects, analyzes, summarizes, and stores the data. The application runs on a stylus PC and is used by plant personnel for measuring motor vibrations.

-- A functional-test application for exercising a new type of storage media as well as the media readers. The tester is multithreaded and can test dozens of the readers/media simultaneously, thereby greatly increasing throughput.

-- A software application for running a structural-testing system used for testing bridges. The application records data from up to 64 transducers simultaneously, and is written for fast and easy use in the field.

-- An application for controlling a custom functional-test fixture used for testing circuit boards. The software provides a pluggable interface for running custom tests on particular circuit boards, and communicates with the test fixture through digital and analog control/measurement lines as well as I2C.

-- Software for network management using SNMP, and PC applications for simulating network devices. We have written many network applications using client-server and multi-tiered architectures.

All of our personnel hold advanced degrees in Physics and Engineering. This enables us to interface with a broad range of technologies and industries, and allows us to provide a higher level of service than simply writing code. Sunrise Software LLC is also a National Instruments Alliance member.